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Defining the need and type of your Catwalk

Our team at The Industrial Products will help you determine what type of Catwalk system is best suited for your application.

Our in-house design team will help you determine your needs and make sure you are compliant with OSHA's guidelines.  The catwalk systems we use are engineered and fabricated to be highly durable. We use the same, thicker-gauge steel that we use in our high-quality platforms and mezzanines. You’ll notice the difference with the structural stability of a high-quality catwalk.

Steel catwalks can be ceiling-hung or supported from the floor or adjacent structures, including racks.

Naturally, we provide installation of your catwalk system. Inform our sales representative and we will provide you with a quote that has a separate line item for the installation of your project.

Ceiling Hung Catwalk.jpg

Ceiling-Hung Catwalks

  • Perform overhead maintenance

  • Access in attic spaces or above clean rooms

  • Provide access to conveyor systems and machinery

  • A site survey is necessary to determine the rigidness of the roof

Floor Supported Catwalk.jpg

Floor Supported Catwalks

  • An elevated service platform

  • Robust and fast installation

  • Product berths and oil storage tanks in port facilities

  • Observation walkways over production lines or plant floors

  • Provides easy access for service-staff to perform common tasks

Warehouse Pallet-Rack Catwalks

Pallet Rack Catwalks

  • Accessibility platforms for hand-picking in warehouses

  • Provides access to warehouse racks and or high shelving

  • Observation walkways over production lines or plant floors

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