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Dock Levelers and Warehouse Ramps

Dock levelers are made to solve one of the most common problems in the design of warehouse docks, where there’s a difference in height between trucks and the floor of the dock. Uneven heights, or steps, create significant safety hazards which can lead to both lost product and human injury. 

Dock levelers are the simple, permanent, cost-effective solution to this problem.


A dock leveler provides a single angled surface linking trucks to the warehouse floor, allowing an uninterrupted flow of goods in and out. 
They’re welded into place, to prevent any chance of lateral movement, while being simple to raise or lower as needed.


The Industrial Products manufacture our own dock levelers in California, we are not just a reseller!
We will help you determine the best type of dock leveler for your needs, and make sure it is installed properly.

Hydraulic Levelers

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

These are among the most popular since they use one or two extremely powerful hydraulic pistons to provide support for the docking surface.

These heavy-duty hydraulic levelers support the largest loads, and advanced models can incorporate sensors to aid in dock placement.

Airbag Dock Levelers
Mechanical Docking-Levelers

Airbag Dock Leveler

Similar to hydraulic models, these use large air cushions to move the leveler. 

These dock levelers are becoming less common, as hydraulic models have taken their place, yet they occasionally offer unique advantages.

Mechanical Dock Levler

This is a simple pull-chain system, to raise or lower the docking surface. 

The simple solution makes mechanical loading dock levelers an inexpensive option, while still supporting large amounts of weight.

Edge of DL.jpg

Edge of Dock Levler

Most forms of dock leveler require a pit beneath the floor to hold the mechanism, but edge-of-dock levelers are more compact and space-saving. 

Both hydraulic and mechanical versions are available.

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