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The main purpose of a machine guarding is to act as a barrier between an operator and the machine. In some industries where welding is applied, a machine guarding can be used to protect the operator from welders-flash caused by UV radiation. 
    The automated equipment and machines pose a significant danger in modern industrial warehouses and production facilities. Across the country, thousands of people are injured each year by machinery and companies are being fined and sued. It’s important that teams are protected against these challenges using welded wire mesh partition systems that comply with OSHA regulations and the industry safety standards such as ISO & ANSI.  To learn more about the regulations and if you need to update your machine guarding, read more in our machine-guarding compliance section.


The Industrial Products team of experts will gladly assist you to build refined wire mesh machine solutions that not only meets but also exceeds all the standards.


Machine-Guarding Applications

  • Machine Guarding, Robotic Guarding, Conveyors, Welding Cells

  • Stainless Steel machine guarding is usually used in the following industries; food industry, beverage industry, poultry, and meat processing industries, as well as pharmaceutical industries.

We have become a leader in the customized wire mesh machine guarding industry due to our superior quality and robust solutions and fast and accurate deliveries. We continually assess the marketplace and ensure the products we build meets the highest of standards to ensure you a solution that will be compliant with the OSHA standards today and the future. You do not need to face these challenges alone, let us help you build a safer warehouse or production plant. For additional information, click here!

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Machine Guarding

  • Welded Mesh 2"x 2" opening

  • 10 Gauge wire thickness

  • Powdercoated PVC Paint or Wet Paint

  • Black Ral 9005 & Yellow Ral 1018 are standard colors special colors are available, per request.

  • Welded frame  1-1/4" x 1-1/4 x 1/8"

  • Standard size panels 5' x 8'

  • Customizations are welcome


Stainless Steel Machine Guarding

  • Welded Mesh 2"x 2" & 1" x 2" opening

  • 10 Gauge wire thickness

  • Stainless Steel: AISI 304 & 316

  • Can also be polished

  • Welded frame 1-1/4" x 1-1/4 x 1/8"stainless steel

  • Standard size panels 5' x 8'H

  • Customizations are welcome

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