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Do We Need Machine-Guarding?

"If any of these applies to your warehouse or production facility, The Industrial Products can help you get up to code and provide crucial protection for your employees and machines."

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Be Safe or Be Sorry!

Improper machine guarding is not only a serious risk to workers’ safety, but it is also among the most frequent causes of OSHA citations and fines. Failing to plan or planning to fail has proven to be a costly strategy than a properly planned and professionally installed machine-guarding.

When planning a for any machine-guarding project you should always conduct a full risk analysis to determine what needs to be protected and make sure it is being installed the right way. Industrial Products can assist you and navigate you in this strict process to ensure the best and safest solution for your project. Our guarding is made in America and built to not only meet but exceed both ISO & ANSI standards. We strive to reduce the potential risk for accidents and help you avoid any hefty fines, that OSHA may impose when an accident arises.

Are you OSHA Compliant?

OSHA has documented that none sufficient machine guarding is one of the most frequent causes of citations. It is your responsibility to provide a safe work environment for your employees.


Failure to comply with the regulations can result in hefty penalties, lost production, increased insurance premiums or, worst of all, serious personal injury, including loss of life.

The first step to avoiding potential safety citations and violations is knowing what perimeter safety fencing you need for your machines. The industrial Products will customize each solution so that it fits your needs and creates a safety enclosure that complies with today’s safety standards as outlined by OSHA, ISO, European Norm (EN), ANSI, Robotic Industry Association (RIA) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA).


Need more information, click on the button to the OSHA website.

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