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PVC Safety Barriers

Our PVC safety barriers are truly unique and bring you the best and highest quality of protection you can have in your warehouse. The characteristics of the material allow the barriers to be very strong and durable yet soft and gentle to allow the absorption of the impact. While yellow is our standard color you do have the option to get other colors.

You live in a world that is dynamic and things change and our safety barriers are designed to give you the freedom to adjust as you grow and need to rearrange your warehouse as the system is very easy to expand or to relocate.

Another advantage is the modular application which allows you to transform your warehouse in no time. Although installation is fast and easy, we strongly advise you to let our trained installers do the job for you. Let us help you with the design and give you a quote for both the material and installation of your project.


Aisle Guard-Rail

Rail Guard




Rack Guard

Lift Gate.jpg


Column Guard.jpg

Column Guard

Pedestrian Guard.jpg

Pedestrian Guard

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