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Industrial Shelving Solutions Based on Your Storage Needs

We are able to provide you with any type of industrial shelving available in the current market.
Meeting the highest standards of quality and fulfilling a wide range of needs, from the most basic storage requirements using boltless shelving, to the most elaborate multi-level catwalk storage systems with a variety of configurations.


Our team at The Industrial Products will present the most appropriate and cost-effective industrial shelving solutions based on your needs, including installation whenever necessary.


Boltless Shelving

  • A simple, cost-effective shelving system

  • No hardware required for assembly

  • Freestanding, unobstructed shelving that spans up to 8’

  • Adjustable particle board shelves standard

  • Optional wire or steel decks

  • A range of weight capacities

  • 18′ height capability with no splicing

Steel Shelv Open-Closed.jpg

Steel Shelving Open/Closed

  • The most basic shelving system.

  • Features compression clips to hold shelves without nuts & bolts.

  • Available with steel sway bracings or steel closed sides and backs.

  • Rigid and durable construction.

  • Light or heavy-duty applications.

  • Can be expanded into multiple floor catwalk systems.

Carton Flow Shelving.jpg

Carton-Flow Shelving

  • A high volume of products in a pick-and-pack handling application

  • Products stocked with FIFO method (first in/first out)

  • Gravity flow rails keep products within the reach of workers

  • Split case picking with multiple products

  • Increased worker productivity

  • Better inventory control – more accurate picking

  • Maximize your floor space

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